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6 Day Yellowstone Tour includes Canyon National Park

(◕‿◕) Highlights (◕‿◕)


❥-❥-❥ This tour is only available from May to September ❥-❥-❥

❥-❥-❥ Only 5 Month available ❥-❥-❥

Depart from Las Vegas to enjoy the National Parks of the western United States Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and tour the Salt Lake
It is a tour that allows you to tour the Grand Teton and Yellow Stone where you can see various kinds of animals and feel the mystery of nature.

Departure time: 7:00 AM (1st day)

Depart from your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

las vegas sign
Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon (1st day)

The coolest tracking in Southlim, selected as the number one place to visit before dying on BBC, brings you the best impression and memories. It's also a great opportunity to go to Eastlim, the starting point of the Grand Canyon.

It's a place where you can see the South Forest and the North Forest at the same tim

Antelope Canyon (1st day)

Guided tours are required to visit Antelope Canyon, located on private land within the Navajo Nation. 
Shaped by millions of years of water and wind erosion, the magnificent canyon was named for the herds of pronghorn antelope that once roamed the area. The Upper Antelope Canyon tour is the more popular route because more sunlight enters the canyon and the walls reach up to 120 feet. The Lower Antelope Canyon tour is equally impressive, immersing visitors in the swirling embrace of sandstone walls.

Antelope Canyon
Horseshoe Band

Horseshoe Band (1st day)

A magnificent, huge canyon in the shape of a horse's hoof, created by the erosion of the Colorado River, opens up in front of you. It's a place where you come without anticipation and go with tears of emotion. The scenery of a lifetime is engraved in memory. It's a place that guarantees touching moments!

Zion Canyon (Day 2)

The Zion Canyon, called the Garden of the Gods, is located about 250 kilometers from Las Vegas and was designated Utah's first national park in 1919.

There are many trekking here.

Zion Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon (Day 2)

The huge basin of Bryce Canyon made up of tens of millions of red spires called the pier, captures us with a completely different landscape from Zion Canyon. 
This is a spectacular view of the blue sky and the red spire as if you were on another planet.

Salt Lake/Mormon Bridge (Day 3)

The Great Salt Lake, the fifth largest lake in the United States and the largest in the West is located west of the city and Temple Square, home to the Mormon Church. 
Tourist attractions here include Temple Square, Olympic Park, Great Salt Lake, etc.

Mormon Church-Utah
Grand Teton- Wyoming

Grand Teton (Day 3)

It is Grand Titten National Park called the Alps in the United States. 
Snake River, famous for its works by Ansel Adams, was also filmed here. 
The view is so beautiful and clean that it's literally the Alps in America.

Yellowstone (Day 4)

Old Faithful is the world's most famous geyser called Yellowstone's symbol. Every 40 to 8 minutes a day, about 40,000 liters of hot spring water rise to a height of 40 to 60 meters for about 4 minutes. There are about 10,000 large and small geysers in

Yellowstone National Park, but it is currently considered one of the best geysers because it is as regular and abundant as the Old Faithful Geyser, and nothing rises high.

Yellowstone-Old Faithful

Yellowstone (Day 4)

Midway Geyser Basin is the smallest independent area in Yellowstone. Nevertheless, it is the place where you can see the two largest hot springs in the world.

This is a place where several hot spring lakes and ponds are concentrated, large and small, and the huge amount of hot spring water falling into the Firehole River is also spectacular.

Yellowstone (Day 5)

It's the most interesting geothermal activity you'll see east of Yellowstone.

The area has a wide variety of Mudpot and geysers made of mud and sulfur, and the strong acid gas and egg-rotting sulfur smell are the strongest throughout the park. Two-thirds of a mile of a plank trail makes it easy to get around this area.

Yellowstone-West Thumb Geyser Basin

Yellowstone (Day 5)

Located on the southeastern edge of the national park, West Thumb Geyser Basin is one of the smallest geyser zones in the park. But there's something special about Yellowstone Lake that's different from the rest of the world.

The name of this place is unique, but the name is because it looks similar to the shape of the thumb. The formation of this area is said to be about 162,000 years old, and geothermal activity has a source underground of 10,000 ft (3,000 m).

Yellowstone (Day 5)

This waterfall is the biggest attraction of the Tower Fall area, where volcanic rock has been eroded for a long time and is very majestic in harmony with falling waterfalls.

A 2-3 minute walk from the parking lot leads to the observatory and a hiking trail down the Yellowstone River from the observatory.

Yellowstone-Tower Fall


LAVA Hot Spring, located in Idaho, is one of the hot spring streams from Yellowstone, Wyoming.

It contains abundant minerals but does not contain sulfur, so it is colorless and odorless hot spring water. It is especially good for pain and has sterilization ability.

Hot spring water is maintained at about 41 to 45 degrees Celsius, and more than 3 million gallons of water are produced per day.

Arrived in Las Vegas (Day 6)

I hope you had a fruitful and enjoyable trip for 5 nights and 6 days. 

Enjoy the rest of your trip and make lots of beautiful memories ^-^ 
(Scheduled arrival time around 7 p.m.)

◕‿◕ Thank you ◕‿◕

Las Vegas_Night view.

[ Tour details ]

Ƹ̵̡Ʒ 1 day Ƹ̵̡Ʒ


  • 6 am: Pick up at your hotel on the Las Vegas Strip

  • Grand Canyon (Lipan Point/Yavapai Point)

  • Lunch

  • Antelope Canyon (Indian Guiding)

  • Horseshoe Band (about 1 hour trekking)

  • Dinner

  • Free time and sleep

Ƹ̵̡Ʒ 3 day Ƹ̵̡Ʒ


  • Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast)

  • Salt Track (Temple Square)

  • Lunch

  • Grand Teton (Jonney Lake OverLook)

  • Dinner

  • Hotel Check-in (Super 8 by Wyndham)

Ƹ̵̡Ʒ 5 day Ƹ̵̡Ʒ


  • Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast)

  • Yellowstone (Mammoth Hot Sifting)

  • Yellowstone (Tower Fall View Point)

  • Lunch (Canyon Lodge Cafeteria)

  • Yellowstone (Mud Volcano)

  • Yellowstone (West Thumb Geyser Basin)

  • Dinner (Golden Corral Buffet and Grill)

  • Hotel Check-in (La Quinta Inn equivalent hotel)

Ƹ̵̡Ʒ 2 days Ƹ̵̡Ʒ


  • Breakfast

  • Zion Canyon (Natural Bridge)

  • Zion Canyon (Over Look Trekking)

  • Lunch

  • Bryce Canyon (Navajo Loop Point0

  • Bryce Canyon (Sunset point)

  • Dinner

  • Hotel Check-in (Baymonton equivalent hotel)

Ƹ̵̡Ʒ 4 day Ƹ̵̡Ʒ


  • Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast)

  • Yellowstone (Old Faithful Geyser)

  • Lunch (local/picnic)

  • Yellowstone (Midway Geyser Basin)

  • Yellowstone (Fountain Paint Pot)

  • Yellowstone (Norris Geyser Basin)

  • Dinner

  • Hotel Check-in (Best Western or equivalent hotel)

Ƹ̵̡Ʒ last days Ƹ̵̡Ʒ


  • Breakfast (Hotel Breakfast)

  • LAVA Hot Spring

  • Departing to Las Vegas

  • Lunch

  • Arriving in Las Vegas (7pm)


  • Admission (Grand Canyon/Zion Canyon/Bryce Canyon /Yellowstone / Grand Teton)

  • 5 Day Hotel

  • Meals: 17 times

  • Unlimited free bottled water

  • Pick up and drop each hotel (airport drop available)


  • Admission fee (Antelope Canyon  & Horseshoe Band $70)

  • Personal items (snack/drink) 

  • LAVA Hot Springs ($20) Local Payment

  • Tour Guide tip

Information travelers need from you

  • This product can be departed for more than 3 people.

  • MYTOURSTORY is a luxury hotel room for two people.

  • Up to 4 people per family will be assigned a large room with two queen beds.

  • Antalop Canyon is a desert with little rain, but it is impossible to enter if it rains or is windy. 

  • Various accidents and diseases caused by the carelessness of the traveler.We are not responsible for lost and found.

  • Comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes (Sunglasses).Neck pillow. Sunscreen.hats, sneakers, sandals, etc.) 

  • The schedule may change depending on the local situation, climate change, and season.

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